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My name is Toni Larson

Claro Toni Larson Yoga

Currently nestled in the Pacific Northwest, the island of Vashon has called me home. 

I have been a seeker in many forms my entire life.  A seeker of safety, love, beauty, success, freedom, joy, adventure, laughter and light. What I have learned over the decades is to be truly alive, you must also be open and comfortable with the dark.


I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training in 2010 and Advanced 300 hour Shamanic Yoga teacher training in 2017.  With 500 EYT and a Reiki Two certification, I have thousands of hours of teaching, life experiences - always a self study.


This brought me straight into who I am today:

a Spiritual Mentor- a Being who illuminates the parts of you that are hiding. 


As a Light worker and Earth Keeper, I utilize the Eight limbs of yoga and Shamanic practices to guide you back to the beginning, to remember who you are and what you are here to create. Through journey and soul retrieval, we will unveil the energy that keeps you repeating the pattern that has you feeling stuck, frustrated, and exhausted. 

I am currently learning how to bring in more play and spontaneity every day. I enjoy everything that is the Pacific Northwest. When not teaching, I'm playing in nature. Mountain biking, hiking, and gardening.  I love cooking and eating bright food, and enjoy traveling and art. Wherever Spirit calls - I want to go. 

Toni Larson

Patrick my yoga dog has been by my side, in the yoga studio and on the reiki table for years. He brings comfort and joy to me and my students. 

His heart is big and he feels all the feels. He's 14 years old. It's an honor to have this familiar by my side protecting me and teaching me true love. 

Toni Larson
Toni Larson
Toni Larson
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