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I am honored to call myself an Earth Keeper, Spiritual Mentor and Yoga teacher. As you explore my offerings I’ll invite you to feel your way through. Listen to your heart and you will learn more about this path. I believe there are no mistakes. You heard the call with a desire to learn, heal, expand and live from a place of Aliveness.

Shamanic Journey


This intimate guidance refines the offering into what it is you are truly trying to heal.

Toni brings in all of her training and gifts for these sessions. No two are the same. The first session is a consultation and reiki session as we slowly move at the comfort of your pace. Through Shamanic journey, we uncover what it is you truly desire. By means of soul retrieval, we will meet your inner child, your power animal, and many more - ultimately leading you to the freedom and peace beyond the boxes you have put yourself in.

$160 to $225 sliding scale
2 hour sessions | 8 month commitment
Vinyasa Yoga


Each private yoga session is customized to your specific physical and emotional needs. 

Build strength and flexibility with a variety of offerings available:

     Sustainable Yoga | Alignment
     Beginner Yoga | Basic Postures and Breath
     Yoga for the Nervous System
     Yoga Nidra | Yoga to regulate Sleep
     Level Two Yoga | Advanced Practice
     Couples Yoga | Deepen your Energetic Connection
     TRE®️ | Releasing Tension and Trauma

$160 to $225 sliding scale


Providing deep rest and stillness so the body is supported to heal on many levels

Reiki by definition is a healing technique based on the principle that a practitioner can channel energy into your body by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of your body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

As a Reiki practitioner, envision me as a hollow bone, receiving, giving, and releasing back to mother and grandmother earth.

$160 to $225 sliding scale


My more exclusive offerings offer clients a deeper relationship with Self through solo experiences and community related events. Whether working through an equinox fire ceremony honoring mother earth or wedding day yoga for your party, I am honored to support you.

8 Limbs of Yoga

For those who do not wish to be a yoga teacher, this course takes you beyond your normal practice - you will learn how to embody the yoga teachings and meet your subtle energy body. Synchronicity is self-realization aligned to the 7 Chakras. A manual and homework assignments included. 



7 Weeks | 2 hours

Every other week 


Synchronicity was created for the yoga student to go deeper into the 8 Limb Path without the stress of learning how to teach.

Yoga Retreat


Intimacy with Self, a private retreat, is the most efficient and affective way to heal and learn.

A one on one customized experience led by Spirit for your health and happiness.  Spend three nights immersed in offerings created for your unique needs. All retreats include all your meals, yoga sessions, reiki and shamanic practices. Time spent in the forest, at the beach, hiking and paddle boarding if you desire. 

Pick your focus:

Yoga & Chakras
Honest Eating
Trauma Work
Be a Spirit Mentor

     Breath work


     Sound Bath

Add ons:


$1,800 (lodging not included)


$,1800 (travel expenses required)

Group Ceremony


We meet ourselves more deeply through communing with mother earth and in community.

If you are hosting a retreat, corporate event, wedding or the like, and desire collaboration with a like-minded teacher, I am honored to work with you and your community.

Guest Speaker
Shamanic Guide
Retreat Leader
Guest Leader

When you feel peaceful - centered and strong - you know you're on the right path, making choices aligned with your hearts biggest desires. The universe asked if I would step into my fullness and I said yes. No more playing small.

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